Universities In England

The reception and dissemination of knowledge forms an integral part of our daily lives. Its foundation is laid solely through education which is made available through academic systems, such as schools. Universities, therefore, equip us with the necessary skills to thrive in a world where knowledge is key.

England’s rich history and extensive natural scenery make it the perfect learning environment. England is in its own right an educational hub as it is home to several internationally acknowledged universities.

The government’s support and involvement with public schools subsidizes tuition costs making education affordable for the general public. Even though education is not necessary after the secondary level, the further education and higher education levels enable students to fully understand specific career opportunities and their relationship to the economy.

The University of Durham is located in Durham and is established as a worthy rival to Oxford and Cambridge. It is a public university whose student body is made up of mostly middle-class families, a perfect example of the opportunities made available due to the government’s involvement in public institutions.

The University of Exeter is made up of four campuses: Streatham, St. Luke’s, Truro and Penryn. It is one of the 12 elite universities in the UK. With two of its campuses in Exeter (Streatham and St. Lukes) and the other two in Cornwall (Truro and Penryn), it gives the ever-growing number of university applicants a chance to attain higher education.

The 12 elite universities in the UK get the most university applications every year due to their status but almost half of these applications are rejected due to the universities’ inability to hold such a large number. Applicants should, therefore, consider applying to the wide array of other universities located all over England to increase their chances at gaining higher education.

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