Getting Educated in England

England is one country that takes education very seriously. Education is compulsory for everyone between the ages five to sixteen. The government has played its part here and made this part of education free for all at this stage. In England, there are four main divisions of learning; commonly known as the key stages. These are;

  • Key stage one; primary schooling for children between ages 5-11.
  • Key stage two; secondary schooling for children between ages 11-14.
  • Key stage three; further education or A-levels. This takes children between ages 14-16.
  • Key stage four; the final stage, also known as higher education which takes place in universities and colleges.

After every stage, the student has to undertake an exam for evaluation. After key stage three, the student has a choice to either go to higher education or into the working world.

Depending on how one faired in their evaluation after stage three, they will move on to stage four. Here, one normally has a choice of where they want to go, and England has really done well for itself by providing many of these choices. It has claimed 10 spots in the top 100 list for the best universities in the world. Oxford University caught up with the Cambridge University in 2017. The University of London, Imperial College London and King’s College London are some of the most prestigious colleges in London.

Now choosing a university to study at is not easy, especially when given all these choices. There are so many factors to consider but a few stand out. These are;

  • Make sure the university is offering exactly what you want to study for.

How well does the university rank among others, especially in the faculty department you want to study? It is important to pick the one that ranks higher because the content one is taught here is also better.

  • It is also important to think about life after college. One should pick a college that will give you better work placement and also preferred by employers.

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