Gambling Addiction Amongst Students

Being a student is a part of life that can be very exciting if taken in all its glory. As a student, one has limited responsibilities. All one needs to do is study and make sure to pass the exams. As such, the life of a student in England can be really exciting. Depending on the city your school is located in, there are so many things you can do. If one is lucky enough to have their schooling in London, they have so many attraction sites they could go see. There is London Eye, Big Ben or even the House of Parliaments. Some people will enjoy being out at night and as such, can hit up the many clubs.

All of these activities will need one to save and spend some money. Some people will choose to have part-time jobs, so they can sponsor themselves all through this. A good number of students will choose to gamble because of its simplicity. There is no effort needed to gamble, all one needs to do is place their money on one party and hope this party wins. So many gambling sites have been set up and many people have joined making it their main source of income.

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This addiction among students can be really hard to beat. This is mainly because, after gambling has become their main source of income, they are unable to beat the habit as their life is centred on it. According to recent studies, gambling is taken up by upto 40% of the students in a university.

The schools and parents need to do something about it because it eventually takes precedence and they could lose all their money here.

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