Education, Economy and the Gambling Menace

Education is one thing that is regarded in high status in London. It has been made compulsory for every child here between ages of five and sixteen. The government has tried to make this better by dividing it into 4 different stages to suit a child’s needs and aptitude. Schools for children with special needs have also been set up for the differently abled.The different stages work well to help train a child through life’s lessons as well as academics, without straining the child’s abilities.

Before age five, a child may attend Nursery school, to help with talking fluency and reading. After Nursery, the child goes to primary school and moves up the ladder all the way to higher education.

Education, especially higher education, has a huge impact on the economy of England. Higher education helps the economy by enabling the students to be innovative by equipping them with the necessary skills to work. Being part of a corporation, as an employee or as a job creator, helps to improve the economy of any country, and not just England. This is done by increasing the flow of money through the country, the different sectors and as such, there is no ‘sitting’ money.

Universities directly affect the economy by providing employment to the people. Getting through university can be tough if one does not have the necessary skills to survive. Being a student in an English university requires one to have enough money for upkeep. This could either be made possible by having a part-time job or even a full-time job and only attending cats and exams. Some students have taken up gambling to provide them with the resources they need. There are so many sites available for betting and gambling today. Visit this top slots online on and you won’t regret it.

Education provides a lot of benefits to not just the student but the community at large. It helps people adopt a higher living standard and live smarter.

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